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Shortage Of Ame's

Guest Bullet Remington

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Seamus, don't worry about AMO's using Human Resource managers. The AMO's who use them are usually the same ones who don't value their engineers and are usually the last ones you want to be working for. Here's a hint: if an operator is on the stock market, you probably want to stay away.

There are still plenty of smaller operators who value their employees as their # 1 asset, do some research, they shouldn't be hard to find.

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Trust me jetbox the lesson was well learnt on that one, I will not walk into a situation like that again. Usually a strong smell of a corporate rat is a dead giveaway, but on this one I somehow got sidetracked with all the propaganda I was fed. A strong and swift kick in the groin :shock: is often how many AMEs can truly mark the passage of their careers in aviation. The trick is to know when you had enough, and move on.

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Just read thru the thread;


Laminated-the "limitation" for hiring a 100 hour pilot is there and is real, I do the negotiating and pay the cheques to the insurance company at our company. Our "limitation" is 1000 hours and 50 hours on type. HOWEVER, I probably could get it removed and it would definately cost money, do I want to do that, doing the work we do at this time, a low time pilot would be beyond his/her limitations. If we got into a different catagory of flying with smaller aircraft I sure would be looking at if though.


Some people use it as an excuse to not hire without giving the whole story.



To all folks which work at companies with HR departments, whenever you suspect you are going into a "bad" meeting spend some dough(I know you guys save money better than pilots) and get your self some advice from a lawyer. HR people for the most part can be swayed by the same bullshyte they feed you, just gotta learn the language. Do not agree to anything short notice, even if they are discussing reducing jobs and you have mouths to feed and mortages. Just ask for some time to think about it and you will then be able to give them a more honorable reply than "duk u jack".



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We've all been bombarded,bored and a little sympathic to the severe shortage of jobs for low time drivers.


As an side to their situation, I was reading in a back issue of Wings magazine (probably about a year old) that the industry is facing a severe shortage of qualified maintenance people in the not too distant future.


This appearant shortage is caused, or will be caused by all us Crusty Old Bast@%ds that will be packing up the tool boxes for good.


Just soliciting opinions from those that are on the site; what's the situation look like for you folks at the present time? How do you anticipate the availability of qualified engineers in the future?


Has this situation had any impact on your operation/s? Will it have?


Have you been able to find the people with the desired qualifications? If not have you hired people with some of the qualifications and trained them??? Etc. Ect.


Do you have any plans in place to combat this shortage, should it in fact become a reality??


Thoughts, comments, and opinions are solicited. (Feel free to jump in on this one Maggie!! :D )



I've been hearing about shortages for at least 10 years. I don't think there will ever be a helicopter (in my case) grounded because there is a lack of staff to go around. Having said that though I know of a base engineer position that need a little experience on the common light machines that's been vacant for the last six years. It's also not just the old guys packing up the tool boxes, it's also the young guys that are tired of field life or middle aged experienced engineers that are moving into management possitions.

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I know back home when I worked in the airlines, many of the maintenance guys were leaving the business to become plumbers/electricians etc as the money was better in those jobs and didn't come with the B/S associated as well as the work required to obtain/keep the licence current.


Dunno if that's the case here, maybe a lot of guys heading to Fort MacMurray for bigger bucks?


That said, I never saw many jobs advertised for AME's over here when I first landed. More a case of Who you know instead of what you know?

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Experience and ability mean very little if you can't certify your work. You can't get dispatched with the aircraft to a remote location.


sure having a license and experience is way more valuable, but a operator with a apprentice with a couple years experience that they trust and isnt a idiot means alot, a good apprentice is hard to find, there are licensed guys out there that make you wonder how the **** they got a license in the first place.

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