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Carson Blades For S-61

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We'll be installing a pair here soon on a shortsky (C-GHJU). They're arriving tomorrow morning.


What I know so far is they cost 1.2 million US per set :shock: and the STC increases max external gw by 10% (but the blades actually increase lift by 20%). Bottom line, for heavy lift, what would normally be pulling 96-99 % torque will pull 75-80% for the same load...


Other comments I heard was the ride is not as smooth because the composite blades are much stiffer than the original blades. Means the ride in the puke seat will be even more interesting. :blink:


I'll try and post some pics...

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Have had them on ours now for the past two weeks. I personally have not flown with them yet, but will be driving that particular bus tommorrow for 8 hours.

Will let you know.


All the lads who have been say it just "sweeeeeeeet" :up: :up:


Of course the weather better pick up a little, this is what we had at every installation offshore today:


METAR CWWV 291900Z 25050KT 0NM FG VV001 11/10 A2985 RMK FG8 SLP110=



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Hey there F.A.


News I heard, the Carson blades were giving the old 61/H-3 153 knots at 9000 ft with less than 55% tq. All that at 20,000 lbs. RDM tells me that they are having a hard time slowing her down at 54% Tq. Looks like Carson has a winner on their hands.


Nice to meet you last weekend at Crooker's BBQ, we'll try to do that again more often.



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So if you add the composite tgb , beef up the main gear box and install 1400 SHP donks you have an unbeatable machine.


Looking at the TCDS are there many civil machines operating with the ct58-140 ?.


"The use of optional engine Model CT58-140-1 is permitted only when main gearbox part numbers S6135-20600-8, -10, -12 through -15, -18, -19, or -21 through -41 is installed, and left engine cowl, part number S6130-80142, is modified for increased cooling provisions per Sikorsky Engineering Order No. 65718. Refer to Rotorcraft Flight Manual for use of engine inlet duct, part number S6130-80179, with oil tank mounting ring, part number S6132-80205."

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