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Hey Twinstar,


Glad to hear all is ok and you''re back home.  We should all heed your advice as you never know.


Life is too short......enjoy every minute like its your last.


Keep your chin up and its good to have you back.





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i haven''t been around much the past month.. have enjoyed trying to catch up on the post''s..


march 31, i suffered an unexpected intra-cerebral hemmorhage and spent the next 2 and 1/2 weeks in hosp.


the suspected cause was high blood pressure and i will be off work for the next few weeks as i recover now at home..


guys, i woke up feeling fine in the a.m., went to work, and by 1330, was in an ambulance on my way to hosp.. CHECK YOUR BLOOD PRESSURE!! don''t make my mistake!!


regards, twinstar

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thanks for the good wishes, guys.. it was a real eye-opener for me..


my co-workers have accused me now of going to any lengths to get a good 1st aid story for my classes!!


i had my 1st physio appt yesterday and it will take another month or so before i can hit the classroom again, but i will get there!!

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Hey Twinny.....how ya gettin'' on by''?? Man, sounds like a rough ride. Tell ya what, hold them wings I sent ya once a day and that''ll send the Doc away!!


In layman''s terms are we talkin'' a stroke?? If so you are very lucky to be tapping away at the keyboard. Anyways man...take care of youself. Spose you''re gonna claim a new handicap in the golf game nowwinkanim.gif

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Rough ride, TwinStar. Hope everything''s rosy from here.


The old BP catches up with us if we''re not careful. I notice mine by the pounding in the ears if I miss my exercise for a few days. A walk a day keeps the BP at bay.


Keep us posted, TS, and all the best.

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thanks again for all the good wishes, guys..


LR, those wings are hanging on the wall in my office so the gang at work doesn''t forget i''ll be back!!


in layman''s terms, a stroke would likely leave permanent injury.. i am expected to recover completely although it may take a little while. i had a blood vessel someplace near the back of the brain bleed. the catscans and angiogram have showed that it quit bleeding and has left a clot near the back of my brain. my body is absorbing it and eliminating the same way it would a bruise.


the silly thing is, as a former health care professional, i should have known i was at risk. at least i get to live and learn!!!




ps my handicap begins when i tee up!!!

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Hey 355 man, glad to here things are working out and you are feeling better, pretty scary stuff, health is everything!!!!!


talking about broken blood vessels, you should be around Longranger on a Sunday morning, I have seen literally hundreds broken in his head, did not know someones eyes could get so red,




again, glad to here your feeling better

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