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COVID-19 Vaccinations

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With the Astra Zeneca controversy going on I just read that our fearless Idiot in charge says we should just take it and be happy. Well let's start with Ontario and Quebec first. They trusted him on a self balancing budget, so what could possibly go wrong with actual science? 

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when you dig deeper into some of the occupation classifications, forestry work is higher classed than air transportation work, but still under anything medical.

for mechanics, there are classifications similar depending on what you do specifically as well. 

but it's all subjective to interpretation, and who do you approach to get approval? Who do you petition to get the shot ahead of the cue?

Is your doctor your best best to approach??

Not to turn this into a political thread, but Trudope is a failure, and unfortunately his followers voted him in for his hair. He's not qualified to park cars in my opinion, yet people thought he could run a country. 

Hopefully they learned a lesson.

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Healthcare and vaccine distribution is a provincial jurisdiction. Vaccine distribution plans vary from province to province, and even from public health unit to public health unit. Stay tuned to what your local PHUs are saying. Depending on your situation you may be eligible, even if you’re not air ambulance. I know some transportation employees, (not just pilots) who have already received both vaccine shots because they are working in and out of remote First Nation communities (which were some of the first to receive vaccines in Ontario).

You may also be transporting front line workers, but not an air ambulance, and qualify.

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