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annual recurrent training

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So a couple of years ago I get asked to do some flying for my buddy..not going to get to specific...I ask him how many hours of written exams should I expect...I am told at least 50 hrs of written exams...totally ridiculous  ....may as well rewrite a commercial license!

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11 minutes ago, freck said:

And most companies want it done on your own time via Computer training. It’s ridiculous.

Totally agree...just talked with a buddy...he said that 50 hrs would be a breeze...he said he is up to between 70-80 hrs now...some at home, some at work...good reason to stay at home!

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I used to work for an operator that had all their training on line. But our training syllabus also had an hour component you could bill for or put on your time sheet if you were an employee. It was based on the type and length of the exam. 

Example: an INDOC COM exam with 70 questions or so you could bill for 3 hours. 

It seemed fair and it shut up a lot of complaints. 

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