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Helicopter Down Around Manning, Ab?

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Lemme know if I missed any posts.


If anybody want me to go in and edit their posts that make mention of the video relate to the operator, just send me a PM and I can clear things up for y'all.



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Hey BagSwinnger,


Sorry to hear the bad news. Really happy to hear all OK.

...For those of you who think it cant happen to you, be very careful not to "arm chair quarterback" others actions. Karma has a way of making sure we all get our humbling experiences wether we think we need them or not. Jiggler.


Also, the other day when we were leaving Manning for Kananaskis country we noticed a pair of winter snow scoops for a Longranger (same colour as EWR) in the Heli-shack at the fire base. If you guys are missing a set, thats where they are.


Fly Safe



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Hey Stickjiggler,


Are you DM with Alpine? How did it go down there? Send me a PM to tell me how you made out with your mysterious mission when you can.


We also left Manning and went to Grande Prairie for a couple of days. We are now in Wabasca. Fun fun!


As for the dynamic rollover, I saw the machine the day it happened. I have a few pictures but I don't know whether it is appropriate to post them here...


It appeared that the pilot drifted to his right and hit a full drum of fuel that was standing beside the machine. The wind was strong and gusty that day and was probably coming from the pilot's 10 or 11 o'clock position.


It was an unfortunate mistake - let's all learn from that.

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