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Guest bag swinnger

Seeing how this rollover happend to a freind of mine. I would just like to make sure that every one is very clear that the posted video in this thread has no relation to ultra helicopters what so ever. This could damage somebodys reputation [ pilot/owner ] so lets be careful here.

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<_< Okay.....so what would one call "dynamic rollover"????? :huh: I would call it a totally careless and preventable accident. The "let's be careful" attitude should be adopted by the pilot that was flying the aircraft... :down:


P.S.....Glad to see no one was hurt .

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Simple Vx....food for thought! It dismays me to read about mishaps that are totally "preventable". Dynamic rollover is a basic fundamental that is taught right from day one in flight school. What excuse can be given to rationalize that kind of poor judgement? Some would call it a mistake, or misfortune .....but none the less, it is a lesson learned at the expense of another.

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I can only speak for myself, but it was abundantly clear from the outset for me that the video Beltdrive posted had nothing to do with a dynamic rollover accident in Manning Alberta.


Of course, I've been there, so I know they don't speak German... :huh: Unless of course they wuz bein' polite and decided to speak Henglish to me when they saw I was driving a German van with Quebec plates... :unsure:


And Helilog, from what I remember from ground school and those old TC videos on PDM, EVERY accident is preventable, isn't it ? In helicopters, as in life in general, stercus accidit... ;)


I'm glad no one was hurt. I hope this accident isn't too hard on the operator's rep. I found them to be very pleasant people when I dropped in... :)

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Hey B.S.......absolutlely no apology required. I think we all realized that the clip had nothing to do with the original post on this thread, and I was not trying to be critical towards the pilot of the rollover incident. But as Skidz pointed out, every accident is preventable, and we should all learn from the mistakes of others. After all , safety is paramount, and at the end of a work day, we all want to be able to go home, and do it again another day..... :up:

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