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I have to agree with some of you that the ground contact was not intentional. :down: I'd say the landing gear took one h*ll of a beating on that stupid stunt, and that no one was hurt was a very good thing, I think the pilot was lucky that he didn't bury a skid a contact.

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:o :shock: If you ever get a chance to buy or fly or ride in a certain 206B III, Austrian registration OE-XKH (previously N3189T & D-HHTC), cn 3814...


picture 1


picture 2


picture 3


...or fly with skyLINER Helicopters in Austria http://www.skyliner.at/


....you may want to give it CAREFUL consideration! :down:


I believe the saying is, metal remembers?

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Hi there!


don't you do a hammer head into the wind?so on your way back you are gona be downwind, right?anyway  he should have had more altitude and of corse not with pasangers on board!! :down:



Hammer Head into wind, Hammer Head out of wind it does not matter, the fact is if he was into wind on the way down he most likely would not have made ground contact - trust me on that one :)

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