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Bomb Blasts Rock London, Uk

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Just watching the news and multiple bomb blasts have rocked London this morning, right in the middle of rush hour. At this stage there have been a total of five explosions, both on the underground as well as on some double decker buses.


Only report I have seen so far mentions 90 casualties at one of the blasts in Aldgate.


More as it comes to hand.

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Just been on the phone to friends in London and total of six bombs have gone off to sar. The guys at Virgin HEMS (MD Explorer based in London) are flat out shuttling patients from downtown to their hospital.


More info as it comes to hand.

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Yeah right !


Nothing to do with the 10,000 Police officers who have been pulled away from normal duties to go to the G8 to protect 8 world idiots while many innocents die!

The people responsible for these attacks had only to bide their time until an open door was offered.

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An operation of this scale takes months to plan. I think it's all about the G8. They wouldn't have known that the IOC announcement would come this week. It could have been delayed.


Al Queda had promised they would strike at every one of the US allies in Afganistan and Iraq. They hit Spain last year. Now the UK. Who's next ?

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