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Passenger In The Front With Duals Installed

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I've flown F/W and especially the Otter with a "swamper" in the other seat with the controls in front of him and did it for many miles and hours. I've also flown R/W with my engineer occupying the other seat and the controls in place in front of him. I've also travelled many a mile with other types of passengers in the same position and the controls in place also. In all cases, the aforementioned had no licenses to fly anything. Normal instructions were given about not touching anything to those considered in need of that instruction. To do otherwise in MY cockpit did/will prove to be injurious to your personal health because in THAT one particular location I am the "king of all I survey" until that a/c returns to mother earth.....and the bung wrench under my seat is a most wonderful "attitude adjuster".


A little off topic but......Speaking of a bung wrench under the seat, I once was fined from TC for having a bung wrench under the back seat of a 500D with the other refueling gear. Told me my load wasn't secure and that the wrench may work its way through that 1'square hole between the back and the front and become a hazard in flight. :blink: Ended up costing about five hours of flying due to there ramp check vigilance. So you might want to put a net under your seat there Cap to avoid such an occurrence, might as well duct tape down your lunch bag as well.

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Years ago the company I work for had an incident where a passenger got into the left hand front seat (duals installed) of one of our 212's. This particular "frequent flyer" then proceeded to adjust his seat and pulled up on the collective instead of the seat adjuster!! Luckily the aircraft was at idle and did not become airborne, but just the same, those still boarding were running for cover. The Ops Manual was promptly changed stating that only Company personel and represenatives from the Regulator were allowed in the cockpit and they MUST have had a comprensive briefing. IMHO keep the "wannabes" out of the "office".

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I'm with Z68 on this one. Several years ago we had a near miss when, while doing the 2 minute cool-down, a check pilot did the old "I'll go in and start the paperwork while you shut 'er down" routine and slipped off of the door threshold while clambering over the collective. His shinbone contacted the throttle in such a way that as he fell the throttle rapidly rolled up resulting in a rapid acceleration and resultant torque reaction. Luckily, there was nothing for the tail to hit as it swung around.


Yes, one could definitely argue that the cockpit procedures were lacking. Even so, given the experience level of both pilots onboard at the time, this incident was enough to convince me that having a less experienced/knowledgeable individual climbing over those controls, i.e., crew leader getting out on a pad, would certainly be less than ideal.

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As far as using a bung wrench to straighten-out attitude, I've only had to do it once in my whole career.......and given the same circumstnces I would do it again. When some apparently sober individual, but in reality is inibrated, reaches over in my Otter and shuts the mags off at 1200' AGL, then "his *** will be grass and I'll be the immediate lawnmower". I wasn't about to wrestle with him and he wasn't going to do it again.....so "POW!"....right between the bloody eyes. The RCMP were advised, met the a/c on landing and there wasn't a court in the land that would have convicted me.


The rule is simple on this subject:.....If the company allows it, then do as they ask. If the company doesn't allow it, then do as they ask. You don't like it.....then quit and go with a company whi thinks as you do. Otherwise, assume nothing and always be aware of their movements out of the corner of your eye. Uncomfortable with all that or find it too distracting?.........then say "No, I will not allow that". It's known as the K.I.S.S. Principle....Keep It Simple Stupid.



Skids Up ----- :P

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