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Heli-transport Services ?


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Just wondering if any of you good people ever worked or perhaps work at the present for Heli-transport services out of Carp ON.

I'm looking into hooking up with them as an AME and would like to get some first hand info about the company itself, they seem like a pretty reputable outfit with large a diversity of equipment.

Fellow AMEs and pilots come together and give me your two cents on this one. :)


I appreciate any feed-back .

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Tough call on this one, I simply wanted to get some more info just because I never heard of the place before, hate walking in the door not knowing companys' track record.

If there is one thing I learned in my time in aviation it's trusting my instinct. If it sounds like a duck and it walks like a duck chances are it is a duck, what ever that may be.


How about another qestion, what would you guys consider a fair contract wage when working on a Long Ranger, I'm talking daily salary plus flt. pay etc. ???

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Guest Bullet Remington

Jetbox contract wages will vary by company and location.


Last one I'm familiar with was $225.00, 7 days a week, $15.00 to 25.00 flt pay, 425.00 per deium and accomodations. Bear in mind this was back 6 years ago.


I wqasn't working the Jetbox, I was working the 500's a buddy of mine from Ontario was working the Jectbox.


I'm with Jetbox, I really don't like working the Bells. I ahev endorsements on S61 and 500's. So I get really fustrated trying to smooth out that wnoky Bell Hump!!

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I appreciate all the feed back guys, I'm going to give this thing my best shot and hopefully won't my grind my teeth down in the process.

When you young and eager to see the Arctic Circle, nothing else can stop you.

Maybe I'll see some of you fellas on the dusty old trail.

Thanks for all the info. :up:

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