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our two twinstars purchased in '91 (both 7000 hrs + now) continue to serve this province well... i'm just a rookie driver in this game... if you have specific questions/concerns, i'm sure our chief engineer would be happy to provide his expertise...

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Bad Picapart!


407 Driver, needed to stir the pot once in awhile since everyone on this site has become so prim and proper.


Back to the original topic - Iceman, make sure the company hires a good experienced 355 wrench, decent money invested in a wage will save them big bucks in the longrun. :up:

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Performance wise, the F1, with the Allison engines, will run out of puff on a hot day. You have to be under 2200 kg even at sea level in ISA conditions to be able to fly away on one engine, and even that is after some drift down. The F2 has better performance figures, but there's hardly any difference between the machines. The N model is my favourite, with the French engines and bags of power, but with the usual problems about spares and getting them fixed if they go wrong (but they do go wrong less often).


Yes, the electrics are useless, but that can be fixed with the FX. I prefer its hydraulics over the AS 350 (2 systems, not one and a half, and no fan belt), and I've often thought there was room for one on the oil patch. It maybe costs a little more to run than the Astar, but not that much - I seem to remember Cougar were charging theirs out at $1350 ph when I was there.


of course, it won't compete with a B2, but if you want a cost-effective twin package, and don't need to lift too much, the Twinstar is all there is.



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Mention of the OPP reminds me of the former ECL and Americaneurochopper pres who served on the advisory board that chosed the OPP helicopter ( the 105 was one of the other birds considered ) . Anyone know where Rudy is now or is he retired and living off his ill gotten gains :<)>

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I just spent a tour with a new FX model Twinstar and was quite surprised by its performance. I was at sea level with temps around 100F. No problem lifting gross external loads and T4 was not a problem. I do not know how altitude will efect the performance yet. The new electrical system has really improved the reliablity and simplified it for maintenance. No more over head panels to fill with water. Good ship and look forward to going back on it. :up:

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I thought Rudi and American Eurocopter parted ways ?. He's probably still counting his money earned from that year long gig though.



......from the american eurocopter website....Ain't no Pall-o-dino's here ??? But there is one Pag-a-nini :shock:


Company Executives


President and Chief Executive Officer

Marc Paganini



Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer

Pierre Nardelli



Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer

Francois Bordes



Senior Vice President - Strategy & Business Development

Eric Walden



Vice President, Logistics

Mike Pettay



Vice President, Finance

Jim Cawyer



Vice President, Legal Affairs and General Counsel

Kevin Cabaniss



Vice President, Communications & Public Relations

Brenda Reuland

Phone: 972-641-3679

Fax: 972-641-3779

E-mail: brenda.reuland@eurocopterusa.com


Vice President, Flight Operations & Training

Del Livingston

Phone: 972-641-3795

Fax: 972-641-3764

E-mail: del.livingston@eurocopterusa.com


Vice President, Commerical Affairs

Larry Roberts

Phone: 972-641-3559

Fax: 972-641-3419

E-mail: larry.roberts@eurocopterusa.com


Vice President, Human Resources

Audrey Elliott

Phone: 972-641-3541

Fax: 972-641-3550

E-mail: audrey.elliott@eurocopterusa.com

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Date 10/8/2002




Marignane, (France) and Grand Prairie, (Texas), October 8, 2002


Eurocopter today announced the appointment of Marc Paganini as CEO of American Eurocopter.

He will report to Eurocopter Subsidiaries and Participations Directorate.


American Eurocopter is the Texas based unit of Eurocopter in the United States. Paganini will replace Rudy Palladina, who is returning to Canada at the end of the year to be with his family and will continue as a consultant with Eurocopter.


Jean-Francois Bigay, the CEO of Eurocopter, stated: "We are grateful for Rudy Palladina’s great work at AEC, a commercial market leader in the U.S. and wish him all the best in his future endeavours. At the same time, we are pleased that Marc Paganini, a seasoned global aerospace executive, with a strong knowledge of the U.S. market, will be succeeding to the post of President of AEC."


Paganini’s appointment comes at a time in which EADS has announced that it will increase

its efforts in expanding into the defense and homeland security markets in the United States. Eurocopter has already established an important presence in homeland security as a significant supplier to the US Coast Guard.


Mr. Paganini was most recently Senior Vice President of Investor Relations of EADS, based in Paris, France. In that capacity, he leads the initial public offering of Aerospatiale Matra in 1999 and EADS in 2000 and continues to expand recognition for EADS in the global financial markets. Prior to this position he was President and CEO of Barfield Inc, a U.S. Company based in Miami FL, specializing in maintenance repair and distribution of Aircraft parts.


Upon his appointment, Mr. Paganini stated, "As the global leader in helicopters, I believe that the Eurocopter family of products delivers exceptional quality, innovation and competitive value for our customers. My primary jobs are to identify areas of opportunity, build relationships in both the governmental and private arenas, and to drive profitable growth in the U.S. I will also seek to increase the industrial presence of Eurocopter, adding jobs and production facilities which will further our American footprint. I am excited to take the helm of American Eurocopter and continue to build on the solid reputation and image of this great company."


EADS is a global aerospace and defence leader, and the world's second largest in terms of revenues. EADS maintains a workforce of more than 100,000 and is a market leader in defence technologies, commercial aircraft, helicopters, space, military transport and combat aircraft, as well as related services. Its family of leading brands includes the commercial aircraft maker Airbus, Eurocopter, the world's largest helicopter manufacturer; Astrium, the space company and MBDA, the world's second largest missile company. EADS is also the biggest partner in the Eurofighter consortium and heads the A400M military transport aircraft programme. EADS has more than 70 facilities in France, Germany, Spain and the UK. It is active in markets around the world, including the U.S. and Asia.



For further information, please contact:


Jean-Louis ESPES







All content © 2004 American Eurocopter



googled and got this.. B)

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