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Stick Time

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You better get your *** out of the house and start making regular rounds to all the operators in your area.


If you think a Chief Pilot is going to beat off all the other lads looking for flying time that are hanging out at their hangars, you're going to get really old before that phone rings.

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Reddog is right there bud....don't wait a second longer...beg, steal the money you need to get your *** out there....something I never did right away.....and I still regret it! I have never heard of a lowtimer getting a job with a resume alone! I know it's tough considering the amount of debt you probably accumulated but it would be far easier to swallow paying this debt off working in the industry compared to working some ****** job wishing you were flying. Just my 2 cents worth!

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Ya, and don't hang around Calgary, there's nothing there for you. I'm from Calgary too but have to go far from that city to fly.


If I was in your shoes I would pack up and move to Whitecourt or someplace and pester the local operators, it makes a big difference if you live near them. There are operators in that neck of the woods that hire low timers.


You will get nowhere sitting around the city in front of the computer or hanging in the night clubs, say goodbye to the folks and girlfriend and get on it if you are serious.


Like they say, "be careful what you wish for, it might come true" well it came true, you are a commercial helicopter pilot, time to make some sacrifices. :P

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When I was a 100hr wonder I used to really enjoy hearing from people like ichimama, cuz I knew 100% they posed no threat for job competition.


You have a big hurdle to jump Ichimama, get out there and be persistant, it won't be easy. Or just stay with mom and dad, cuz who wants to ruin the whole summer by driving around looking for a job, that would suck, right. Besides, you can't just cancel your weekend plans like that.

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