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Where Is The Best Location?

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Im planning on taking my commercial training soon. Probably BC Helicopters, they seem to be a very reputable school. Upon completion only having 100 hours, where abouts in Canada is it more likely to find a first job? After completion I might actually be moving to Alberta or Saskatchewan. Or better luck out of the country? There is the possibility of my girl leaving to Australia, any chances there?



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Guest jesse

It's no joke Popaloops with a hundred hours you can forget Australia, maybe you should check out previous topics about low timers finding work and take note of the number of us out there versus the available jobs. Take the number of students who go through your chosen B.C. helicopters every year now multiply that by the number of schools and you will get a rough idea of how many people are getting there license every year. If you really want to do it, nothing i can say will stop you just be forewarned. On the other hand you can use your license to pick up chicks when you go to Australia, they wont care how many hours you have :D

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If u really really really.......should consider to become a Helicopter Pilot......find urself a school which actually has instructor who know how to fly......stay away from those brain washers in the Valley.....they turn out students who think with a hundered hours they know it all and r gods gift.....they brainwash them into believing they walk straught into a flying job......not. Only on very rare ocations.....yes there is a need for Pilots just not for 100 hrs guys. They Bs starts whit the schools and continues in finding a job. So if ur ready to pound 1000 doors and get a no....and then pound on number 1001 and dig foundations for 3 month, work 16 hrs a day for 1500 $ a month for the next 3 years..........go ahead.......that was my first job.....but I got flying after that.....

Don`t talk to schools first talk to some Operational Pilots out there.......and have them paint u a real pictures......find out if u r ready for it....reseach ur joboptions first.... see on what Heli type to train to get a job easyier..... I know 3 companyies who hire 100 hrs guys and they don`t use Huges 300 for there work.....so what Helli u wanna train on???

now I go and play with the kids......

there my 5 cents


:up: :up: :up:

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Don't think anyone can answer where all the jobs are at any given moment... it's always changing. But BC does have the most number of helicopter operators per province in the country so it's not a bad place to start.

And like Jesse said you would have no chance getting a flying job in Australia until you get a lot more experience. Pretty sure Canada has more Aussie pilot that Australia does. :P

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