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Where Is The Best Location?

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Don't let the rants get to you, if you want it. really want it do it! You will do it! I had started my fixed wing training while in high school, part time jobs and lots of them, I kick myself now, as I could have maintained a higher average and been accepted into the military. Wouldn't you know it I would be able to retire from canforce soon and follow a civilian career (2 income wouldn't that be nice). As it is I have meandered fixed than rotarywing. Met a lot of people and until recently never lived anywhere for more than 8 months, (folowing jobs, endorsements and women). But I will tell you The job vacancies have never been so plentiful!!!

It is hard gettin the first job, in my case I wasn't able to find ramprat work in the early 90's It was that bad with the recession, 5 yaers later an aircraft maint course from SAIT, and still nothing. but it came along! and it has been nonstop since. Make sacrafices but don't give them your soul, hang in there and be loyal until they give you reason not to be. Get on with it make your dream happen!!!

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Someone mentioned training with Custom Helicopters earlier...and stated they hire their own students. Unless something has changed within the last 2 years Custom closed their flight school and the instructor opened his own school in the Gimli area. Maybe instead of all the advice we should give this fellow a list of operators that actually hire low timers....and then he can go from there! Another suggestion may be for him to go on a road trip now....I know this sounds crazy...and talk with these operators on a one on one basis....get the true feeling of the industry instead of an opinion over the telephone...if anything else it will prepare the future pilot for what he is about to come up against once he finishes school. I guess I will start off the top of my head here are some operators that I know hire low timers. Airborne Energy Solutions, Delta Helicopters, Gemini Helicopters, Black Swan Helicopters, Remote Air Operators, Bailey Helicopters, Great Slave Helicopters. There are others out there but I'm attempting to list the operators that hire the lowtimer and get him up to speed within a reasonable amount of time.

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I have an article I wrote on my website, www.rotorboy.com, for people thinking about becoming a helicopter pilot. 


Click Here for the article.


Best of luck! :)



Checked out the site, good info. I actually have a post somewhere getting opinions on being an AME/PILOT...That was my plan, figured it be a good way to go. got alot of negatives on that idea though

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HOW MANY "CROSSDRESSERS" ETC, or is this topic "TABOO" ??


Interesting if we can wrench as well as fly Non?


Suggestions welcome, I think there will be a few!!!!! :P:P I got the third degree when I asked about both but happy I had Intelligent answers to my ???'s. Very Happy after the career change!!



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Wow! Someone's brainwashed!!!! There's so much to disagree on this last post I don't know where to start!


Anyways, let me just say that from where I stand, this country needs a lot more tradespeople than University educated yuppies. Not exactly sure how you figure a BA is going to solve all your problems but hey, it's your money being wasted, not mine!


I think we had this argument before with someone else. Flashback anyone???

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