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RDM - Where in the heck did you go?

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Hey Biggles....you should be on the way to YYT tonight I would think for the big AME party...oops meant conference, silly me. Was kinda looking forward to going down there myself for a few hours but am away for a bit.....


''skriver fea en plass i Nørke, landet søm har pe pene damene og olge''


Now you guys are going to have to get Winnie to decipher that one for you.





In other news, I see the two twits (CTD and Longranger) are still spending our tax dollars wisely.....trying continously to get a rise out of the poor working pukes in the industry...seesh11.gif


By the way bald one, got your message from DQ, know I did not want anything important or I would have called someone impoprtant3.gif



Longranger.....any sign of that shiny new Astar yet, latest rumour I heard was they were not putting Squirrel cheeks on your baggage compartment, they were installing Squirrel doors for you big fat &&&.3.gif




''korte folk er mye smartere''





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Well well RDM, I suppose you got over there OK, The land of expensive beer, and nice scenery, an I'm not only talking nature here!!

The quotes:

'skriver fea en plass i Nørke, landet søm har pe pene damene og olge'


"Writing from a place in Norway, the land of beautiful women and good beer"

But this last one is harder to translate, not that I don't understand, but Wondering who could make such a statement!

'korte folk er mye smartere'

Short people are lots smarter,


Well well, when some of you are having fun the others must work!

See ya later


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RDM - you finally get to meet the famous Biggles that you've been pestering me about for a dog's age. Biggy - look for the shortest guy with the cutest girl (DQ), and that will be our buddy. Go easy on him, he's only small.
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OK, here''s the deal.


RDM is indeed gone to Norway for training (car-seat egress, two-handed AFCS failures, dash tapping, and poopie suit farting techniques). He reportedly took the stories of the $11.00 hot dog very seriously, being the parsimonious dwarf that he is, and left YYT with a suitcase full of Mr. Noodles.


Stay tuned....

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Now PLEASE here Mr. CTD:

Do NOT make fun of the price of hotdogs in my hometurf!!

That would be very bad form indeed, Just that yoou have to pay $10 for a glass of beer, don''t make it a bad place?!?!!?!!


YEs I is from there, and I wants to be there, but I can''t afford to get off this Rock, since tickets are a smidge expensive hey!


Well Good Luck to you RDM, Hope you get some of that moonshine we talked about, Just find the oldest, most rickety tractor you can see, Possibly a Massey Fergusson, with a young feller in, he has blond hair, great big sideburns, wears black jeans, and a yellow and green hat that says FK on it. That should do it, just ask the people at the base, they will confirm, HAHAHA

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