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what is wrong with everyone here?

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what is wrong with everyone here?

we spent countless hours arguing the simplicity of a vaccine, get it or don't

yet three incidents happen in Canada, and there's not even a hint of anyone giving a rats ***.

are we aviation people or are we just internet trolls looking for an argument?


There's no article on the first one, but i have seen two tiktoks regarding it. A Bell Medium hit some wires, lopped off the boom and started a large grass fire.

the other two incidents at least made the news, but we all decided that a vaccine argument was more important.


anyone who still considers themselves to be an aviation professional have any further info to add to these vague news clips




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Perhaps because there is nothing new in a wire strike and/or a roll over accident as awful as the results might be.  Stupid people who choose to turn down a good option to increase their odds of not getting very ill or surviving an illness because ignorance/gullibility/ideology is probably new to most of us.  A sign of the times…

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