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Averaging flight hours (mins)

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Most Operators tell their pilots if the job is averaged or non-averaged mins before the start of the job. You have a choice if you don't want to do the work. If you feel  strongly about not having your mins averaged, just say no!

The majority of clients are charged averaged mins. Forestry might be the exception to the rule. 

I think you will have a hard time proving it is illegal because it's not...its all about how your contract is written. Maybe you need to learn better negotiating skills?

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Well “nwbc” you are making the assumption that the pilot should be payed on what deal the heli company makes with the customer. I’m not sure that should have any relevance. 
If the heli operator wishes to make a deal with a client where averaged mins are payed rather than daily then why should that reflect onto the pilot doing the job? 
Also “just say no” to working certain jobs based on averaged vs daily mins? I feel like most of us don’t have that privilege to be so choosy. 

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My work contracts were always straight forward. Either a daily rate or daily plus hourly mins, non-averaged. I always got the "we don't do that here" to which I replied "well, when you do, you know how to reach me." You stick to your guns. I have never been without work. Once that contract was signed or I gave my word, I always stuck to it, even when half way through I realized others were making more and I missed out. I just factored that in to the next years contract. Learn as you go. 

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