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CTD''s weapons of mass destruction?

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Hey big dog,

you been sending me a lot of emails lately from your personal handle - with nothing but jibberish in dem''. are you part of the iraqi electronic warfare team?  trying to corrupt the internet ?


anyone else getting bombed from our fearless leader?


ya might have a vurious, er varus, ar vious....your pooter might be sick!![:bigsmile


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Ok VRef, first, let me assure you that nothing that comes from me is EVER gibberish.


A few have not been able to open the attachments, I''ll forward them from my company e-mail tomorrow.


Rosco - I didn''t realize I was so far behind the times....frown9.gif I''ll try to do better.


Biggy - sorry I completely forgot you Dude. I''ll send them to you tomorrow from my Terra Nova address as well.

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I got one titled "the potato newfie" had something to do with a guy from prince edward island, his life story and such...(pissst ctd, not a good way to score points with the easterners there bye'' - if ya know whats i mean!!!)


the second one was titled "stop, drop and roll" heard it has somthin'' ta do with eating your cookin'' or maybe flying an astar no? (that one was for 407)


any who keep them commin''


if me pooter gets a virros, er veris, ah vices...get sick, your in troubbles.


good ol'' foster brooks...funnier than candy and carie put together.



you sober up from HAC yet?

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