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Looking To Buy Garmin Gps

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I have a Garmin GPSMAP 76 and it works great. Not selling it, but still a good lil thing to have in the pocket for quick glances. Best of all, it's great when it comes time to doing a road trip as it can be loaded with **** near every single road in Canada.

Wouldn't advise you getting any sort of hand-held GPS though untill you do your training. And don't rely on it either...keep those nav. skills polished for the day the batteries in your unit go dead.

Still though, they are neat lil things. :up:

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i think cap and i had this discussion some time ago as to how people get too used to having the "gadgets" available...


you're very right, ryan, when you say that when all goes to **** in a handbasket, you should still have some map reading and dead reckoning skills at hand!! B)

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TS ---- two days ago I had a fairly lengthy trip with a young lad in a 206 to a place where I could catch a flight home. I asked him "If the GPS died right now, would you know exactly where you were on a map of any kind?" He quickly offered "No.....and my friggin' 8:1's are back in the hat-rack Cap. Point made dude".


GPS should be treated as "another aide to navigation" and not the "be-all of navigation". I can't think of one instrument used in navigation that "does it all" and can be totally relied upon. If there is one that does exist, then it would have to be the astro compass, but I know few in this business who know how to take an "astro shot" because it too, is becoming a lost "art form". MoT has also "climbed on the GPS wagon" because they have discontinued another publication called "Navigating By The Sun's True Bearing". They tell me that it's no longer needed because we all use GPS. That's odd because I don't remember my issue of that publication having batteries go dead, loose lock-on with sats or have electrical problems. :D

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