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Troubles for the Cyclone continue...

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I have yet to see one factual report about the "cracks in the tails" of the cyclone.    They all make it sound like the tail is going to fall off.  What is the actual location of the cracks and how big are they?  Is it in primary structure? tailplane fittings? bearbox mounts? folding provisions?

That linked article goes on and on about politics and provides zero factual information besides "they're cracked and we have to fix them"  duh.

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The above posts say it all, DND has no oversight by the Canadian Taxpayers in any way. Parliament is supposed to have oversight over DND on behalf of the taxpayer, HA, HA.  I personally call our supposed representatives (MPs)   The Blame Club.

DND is allocated a budget and then all the chiefs of staff get together and figure out who gets what to spend and to whom.

Normally a Procurement is sent to the procurement department with a Scope of Work, that is usually wrong and is followed by numerous amendments.

Once the type of requirement is identified and an RFP is issued, to replace the Sikorsky S-61, Sikorsky/DND comes up with bright idea to use the the new S92 that is on the market, and available, BUT, it would have to be modified to military configuration.

Work required as carried out originally by the S-61 was submarine chasing using sonobuoy and stationary listening with vertical cable.

The Military (CYCLONE) could not accommodate all the equipment DND wanted, to actually carry.

SO, DND/SIKORSKY, with the taxpayers money,decided to update the S92, with wireless control,updated and more powerful engines and god knows what else that was not required.

DND is the worst run departement run by the government and needs to be taken to task.

Lifelong military personal don't have reality in mind, especially the higher ups.

How we got this far with the people running the country and the Patronage, God Only Knows.

Good Luck.

Every Department Should Have an oversight committee with POWER.   

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