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Fligh Manual Limitations

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I remember reading a story about someone flying a 500 with bubble window and forgetting the VNE. While in (fast) cruise, the door ripped right off the a/c. :shock: Luckily it didn't take out the t/r on it's way aft... :mellow:


As for mods to skids: Seems to me all the 206s and 500s I've seen doing logging support have thick rubber or pvc "choker protectors" hoseclamped to the skids... :huh:

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Guest Angry Egg Driver

Hey Skidz they arent choker protectors they are so the fallers or hill crew don't damage the skids with the spikes on their boots.

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Guest sharky

Exactly, Skids up. I hardly ever see it done. All say "That's for the old 1-piece tail rotor driveshaft, you don't need to do it now"


If that is so, why is the arc still there, and why is the instructions still in the fm?

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