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PM from Kyle - No more Freebies

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Just got a PM from Kyle saying he will not allow me to give away any more magazines here on the Rotorheads forum, since he classes it as advertising.


There will be no more offers or posts on this and he has deleted the ones that were there, seems one of the members here had a word in his ear, and I have a pretty good idea who, but hey, its Kyle's sandpit and he makes the rules. Seems like he has also deleted the links to the other photo gallery. Funny though I see the Vertical Out West thread is still there as well as the link promoting their desktop calendars.


Thanks to those that responded and enjoy your mags.




Heli Ops

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Guest Bullet Remington

Heli Ops:


Geez, The enfantile mannerisms are starting to get more annoying everyday!


Personally, I appreciate all your efforts, both in your magazine as well as your postings here. Other than fragile ego/s, I am most perplexed as to why someone ( and I know whom as well) would whine and cry about anything you've posted here.


Frankly, I belive their action/s is a prime reason for making abortion retroactive!


I did see the vertical link as well. Given SOME of the attitudes here, it ain't what you do for people, or how you do it, it appears the end result is based upon people's gag reflex!


Thanks anyway for your efforts Ned, I do appreciate them all!



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I'm on your side, I feel like "Big Brother" is watching us. I assure you that this Kyle is in the minority. I will make the effort to spread the word of your efforts. I thank you and I know many others do aswell. Its a fine line between advertising and being a nice guy, but in this case there are not many options in industry periodicals, so where is the trouble Kyle? I'd like to know. Please PM ME and explain it to me. Or send me a contact number, I'll call you on my tab so I can get your point of view directly. Better yet, I'll come by to where you are and we can meet face to face, then you can explain How a magazine from a different hemisphere could possible be in conflict with us up here. Will you do that for me Kyle?


Heli-ops, thanks again for your efforts. I hope you aren't put off by a few sour grapes.

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Actually Kyle is the owner of this site so is actually the majority. Like the old saying goes its his sandpit and he can make whatever rules he wants.


Bottom line I am not the one that loses out here.


Am I concerned about the favouritisim here, no not really. Just means I will give away copies of the mag elsewhere.


Thanks again all and hope you enjoy your copies. Cheers.


Heli Ops :up:

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Hey Ned


Sorry that the Big Man had to put an end to the so called "advertising". It's too bad that it is looked upon in that way. I don't want to speak for everyone but I'm sure most will agree that we all appreciate what you have done in the past on this site and what you will continue to do on other sites. I guess I'll chat with you on the other sites in the future.


Thanks for all Ned


You're still the man



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Guys, Neville has been asked several times to limit his posts in this type of manner. It has always stated this in the rules. I am sorry, but if one can do it, then everyone else can.


Ask Neville, himself - I have often let posts go. We discuss posts and I will let him post after he converses with me.


You could have done this through PM's and like you very well know Neville, there would never have been a problem. But that would not get you seen the way you wanted to be seen.


Neville, through all of our discussions, to post something like this in public to make me look 'bad' is honestly pretty low.

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For the record I was not attacking Kyle personally here, if it has come across that way then I apologise openly to him. I have explained in a PM to him that the post was merely a way to inform everyone who emailed me about the deletion of the posts rather than reply to all those that contacted me.


Thats the only reason, nothing more, nothing less.


Heli Ops

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Neville, your post insinuating that I was favouring one over another is an attack on how this site is run.


Your comment directed at the other publisher is also unwarranted and is just mere speculation on your part.


All I have ever asked from you Neville, so many times as you very well know, is to ask me first, otherwise follow the rules. You chose not to again and now look at the mess this has all made.


You know all of this Neville and have for a long time. How many times have we discussed it?


Anyways, let's move on.

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