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PM from Kyle - No more Freebies

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Guest Bullet Remington



Received your e mial. Thank you. Reply sent.


As for your stance on this, maybe I'm missing something. I have gone back and reviewed the rules and this is what I found:




Again, maybe I'm missing something here, but as a business owner, I fail to see where the "self-serving" and the "advertisement" parts come into play. If one is giving away, as in free, no strings attached, how could this be self-serving??


As I stated in my PM, I've been receiving the magazine for over a year," free". Never once have I received any correspondence from this company asking me to pay for a single thing. Nothing, No 'friendly' reminders, no options, nothing. In fact the only thing I receive from the subject company, is their magazine. And for that I am most grateful.


Were there conditions applied to the "give away" I could and would be most supportive of tyour position. In that there are none, I am most perplexed!


Maybe someone could explain to me, (Speak slowly because I'm a little dense) just how Ned's offer is Blatent and self-serving?? Let's see, he's giving away free ssubscriptions to his magazine, he's paying for the postage, he's asking nothing in return. Zip, zero.


And that's self-serving in what manner??


I don't get it!!


Then again, as Ned stated, It's your house, you decide how its cleaned.


Maybe we should look at the sign in names?? get rid of "Heli Ops" and "Vertical"?

Vertical mag, Vertical reference, Vertical Flight, etc, etc.


Geez, folks, I just don't get it! But hey, maybe its just me!!

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After a couple of PMs with Kyle I thought I would post this.


CA Aviation is a great forum and there are a lot of great people here and Kyle has done a fantastic job getting it to where it is today, the leading meeting place for everyone involved in the Canadian helicopter industry.


However I will ashamedly admit that I have probably overstepped my mark in promoting my magazine here. And in pure ignorance I have to admit I have actually never read the rules here on the forum. As I have blatantly overstepped the boundaries set by Kyle I owe him and all members here an apology. As Kyle pointed out he has let me get away with many posts giving away the magazine so I suppose I have pushed the boundary just that little bit further each time, and again for that I apologise. The forum is a place for discussion about the industry and in reality the last thing you want to read about is helicopter magazines.


Also the previous post I made was not to attack Kyle or even made insinuations against Mike from Vertical. I know Mike and Linda and they are awesome people, even though we dont see eye to eye anymore, and I have enormous respect for what they have accomplished since he left Helicopters magazine. I have never met Kyle but he has always been a gracious webmaster who has let me give away magazines probably when he shouldnt, and I am sorry if I have caused him angst by coming across as though I was attacking him. Again I publicly apologise for that.


The comment about it being his sandpit was not meant to demean the integrity of the forum, its just a saying I commonly use and no slight against Kyle was intended by it.


So bottom line, dont anyone think Kyle has done anything wrong by deleting the posts I have made, when in fact all he was doing was standing by the rules I should have been obeying in the first place.


So sorry for causing this heartache and I will go back to doing what this forum is intended for, giving each other shite and talking about the Canadian helicopter industry.


And Kyle - I sincerely apologise publicly for overstepping the boundaries and it wont happen again. :(:(:(:(


And Mike - Maybe I can take a leaf out of your book where less is more.


Neville aka Heli Ops

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Well resolved gents. No need for the parting shot though Kyle.... I think he (we) heard that loud and clear the first couple of times.


Thanks to you both for your continued work at facilitating our educations on the industry. You both offer great products and I will continue to spread the word about both.


It must be an interesting subject, deliberating over what format to pursue with a magazine's distribution. a ) Does one lower purchase price to increase circulation and have the advertisers pick up a greater portion of the costs or, b ) Does one have the subsribers pay the overhead to hang onto more of the advertising dollars?


I think caaviation itself falls into category "a," and I appreciate that.

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