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What's The Latest With The Chl Pilot's Union?

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Eight bases in Ontario and Nova Scotia have had the opportunity to sign cards with the OPEIU (Office and Professional Employees International Union (http://www.opeiu.org/html/index.html) . It is my understanding that an overwhelming majority of pilots have agreed to have the OPEIU act on their behalf to secure a fair and balanced collective agreement. It is unknown when cetification will take place.



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Although the union at CHL is not quite a done deal, it soon will be. When jet fuel costs $10.00 a litre and all the other costs of helicopter operation have gone through the roof, and the operators are trying desparately to cut wages because it is one of the only aspects of cost over which they have control, the pilots, and hopefully engineers, will be greatful they have organized. Their fight will not be for higher wages. Their fight will be just to maintain the wages they already have.


When the pilots of some of the other larger Canadian operators see the bargaining advantage that organization provides, they will unionize also. Exactly the same thing happened in America.

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Sisyphus-------$10.00/litre eh? If fuel prices go that high, then there isn't any union going to save your *** either because we'll all be down at the local Food Kitchens with a cup and a plate, looking for a free meal the same as circa 1931. :lol:

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