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Reddog, if "Godzilla" is so great, why can't he hold on to his employees? Why is it that almost all the people that were there in the 90's are now gone, almost all of them by choice and happy to have done so?????

Not exactly sure what you have to brag about. Maybe once you leave you'll see the light like the rest of us who used to preach the company gospel.


On the other hand, if you're perfectly happy were you are then all the power to you.

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Reddog ------"Where did Okanagan go?" The man that "put the skids" to them, did so internally with money from Momma and inherited from granddaddy who was....H.R. MacMillan of MacMillan/Bloedel......and did so by shafting a real good CEO in the process. You should really do more research on the outcome of the resultant lawsuit for "wrongful dismissal", the amount and who won. Sorry bud, but one Greg Dobbin doesn't get that trophy for knocking Okanagan to it's knees.



Sealand became "Godzilla" on the personnel, their expertise, the clients inherited from the buy-out and because that made them the biggest company in Canada and with the most clout and no competition of anywhere the same size.....and "more power" to Sealand/Dobbin et al because that's exactly what Okanagan did on more then one occasion themselves.......that's called "smart business". Or does Mssrs. Dobbin and company forget the number of times they "came in second" during the 70's and went home with sore gonads. You better refer to some of your present personnel sir because there's a large number "higher-up" who were involved in a lot of that "kicking of gonads" when they were with Okanagan. Do it in private though when you do that "referring" because their mentioning of anything complimentary about Okanagan might cost them their jobs or a "fireside chat" with someone if overheard.

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OK guys (pun intended), I'm going to let you off the hook now. You're just too easy.


You gotta let Okanagan go. It's dead and gone just like Sealand. We put it to bed ages ago. Now the helicopter world is ruled by CHC. It definitely has it's problems but good or bad, that's the way it is.

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LMAO! I'd be the FIRST to tell you that I AM average, everyday, ordinary people. :) And I'd welcome your best shot, JB...but we'd just hijiack this thread up one side and down the other! :D


Anyhoo, if I'm reading Reddog's statement right, it implies that non-flying professions (which could encompass AMEs, could it not?) are made up of ordinary people. Which makes you, JB, :shock: ORDINARY. Ahahaha, oh yeah. I just love you great people! Happy Monday! B)

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