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Contrail’s Authority???

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Lol at this thread, all very true.  We are for the most part (the industry) our own worst enemies.  I wish I had a solution as many others do, but, it just takes one new guy to follow the invisible carrot to bump the bar up a few rungs.  Heck of a racket, and not much work here in Canada compared to 15-20 years ago.  I’d say get a real career and do this as a hobby, I was told that by older guys as well back in the day, I wish I listened.

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Sounds like there’s a new sherif in town at Contrail…Going to change the world with higher restrictions and more hoops for companies to jump through to satisfy his safety agenda. Again the question needs to be asked, Where did he dig up the authority? And where did they get the stats on what is safe and what isn’t? 

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