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Pstar Exam Pass!

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im doing my PPL/FW and done 3 lessons so far (3.4TT haha) and my instructor wanted me to write my PSTAR when shes here this week (shes only in my town for 5 or so days a month) because she said im gonna solo early, so i wrote PSTAR today (so i can have my SPP by the next time shes in town) and I got 100%!!! all the studying paid off!! YA Im so excited!!! :up: :up: :up:



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Similar thing happened to me for my first solo flight twinstar. I land the glider after a dual flight and my instructor got out of the back seat and as I was about to undo my straps she said to stay put and then hooked me back up to a tow plane and sent me on my way. Longest 10min of my life! Hope your first solo goes well for you matt. For that matter I hope my first rotor wing solo turns out well next week (assuming stuck pedals come to me easier than autos)....

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Congrats on the PSTAR, When I did my first solo it was awesome!! I talked to myself the whole way through it though (is that weird :unsure:) did one circuit and landed you'll never forget it.

But then when I left the circuit for the first time solo I'll never forget that one either. Runway was 90% ice covered and SLIPPERY. Did an icy conditions check ride around the circuit, went fine. My instructor got out and the plane got LIGHT. Take-off went fine but when I came back an hour later I was sliding all over the place almost hit the snow banks a dozen times and slid sideways to the hangar the whole way from the runway. I knew my instructor thought I could handle it though (that feeling that your instructor trusts you goes along way!!) and so I learned how to "drive" in that type of condition for next time.


Once again congrats :up: and have fun!!!!!!

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Awesome news Matt! Now you get to sweat it out wondering what you're 1st solo will be like. That walk out to the aircraft is one of the longer walks you'll ever do. :up:

My aviation school days were a bit different. We had to be first a full fixed wing pilot to be able to go for helicopters.

So I went for fix training (Harvard T6 - Texan) and went solo 14:20 minutes and I was the guy with LESS hours allowed to do so. Most of the guys went solo after twenty something hours...

In helicopters I made it a little faster 13:20 (Alouette III's)

Today there are a lot of short cuts...

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