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Entering my 33rd season of flying...thought I had seen it all...

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I remember when I started out..."shortage of pilots" they all said. That seems to be the meme of the industry as I've heard it for years. They never correct it by inserting the word "experienced". But that is not the point of this post. As I have gone through my contract negotiations for this year and speaking with other pilots I have come to realize that this will seriously show itself this year. Companies are and will be parking aircraft because they just cannot find experienced vaccinated pilots. My contract demands this year would have been scoffed at just a few years ago. Not this year. My advice, do not sell yourself short. The biggest influence of this problem of course is the vaccination requirements to fly. Me? I am triple vaxxed and I personally do not care if you are or are not. I really believe is your choice and I strongly support that choice. If anything, I say thanks to the anti-vaxxers. You have really helped my bottom line. It will get interesting this summer if it turns into a scorcher like last year...

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15 hours ago, Diaper_Pin said:

What do you think you're worth? Name your price, no harm in asking. The worst they can say is "no".

True enough. Be good to know what others are getting too.

Heard of some contractors on 850/day 200/hr.

Some employees on 335/day 105/hr.

I think robottxt is close to the money there, 1k/day plus flight pay with a guarantee of days would be around where I'd want to start if it's contracting.

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Check out also the statistics of the number of commercial helicopter pilots in Canada: https://tc.canada.ca/en/aviation/licensing-pilots-personnel/aviation-personnel-licensing-statistics#toc2

TC hasn't release the numbers for 2021 yet, the number of commercialy licensed helicopter pilots seems to be declining especially since 2015.



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Those numbers are going to keep on going down with all the BS that is required every year to do recurrent training...I still have my pilot and engineers licenses and medical but I am not interested in rewriting 80 hrs of exams and then doing recurrent flying on every type and then doing ppc ....tc is bringing those numbers down! I haven't flown for 3 years now and probably won't bother anymore with all the BS...I wonder how many of those on that list are doing the same and sitting at home!

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