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CEP in combination with A20 or Zulu H mod

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I am currently thinking about upgrading my helmet (Gallet 250 + CEP) with a Bose A20 or a Lightspeed Zulu H mod. 

Does anybody have experience with combining a CEP and one of those two ANR systems?

Is it worth it? Any problems by doing so? What about the installation, anybody tried to do it himself / herself?

Thanks and fly safe.

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I can't imagine needing CEPs AND ANR. The CEPs are really quiet, if you can get used to them. I had molded earplugs for years and didn't mind them (recently lost), but they are a pain to take on and off, sometimes they fall out of your ears or the speaker comes out of the insert. I've been wearing the CEPs with the foamy ear plugs lately and while quiet, they get uncomfortable after about 2 hours of flying. I'll go ANR on my next helmet. My buddy cannibalized some A20s for his helmet and loves them. Very slick set up. 

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i have the zulu mod for my hgu 56, i enjoy it for the most part, i do find sometimes i just prefer the passive noise reduction the helmet provides.

ive been thinking about trying to put in just some foam ear plugs to try to reduce some of the back ground noise 

thought about the cep kit too but havent looked to far into it 

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