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Chopper Crash Terrace, Bc

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The pilot's name is Phil O'Driscoll. He is from Austrailia. He worked for Lakelse Air (Terrace) last couple of years.


Good source says that it he was enroute to pick up a crew at a drill site about 15 or so miles northwest of Terrace up the Kalum valley area. Prior to cresting a ridge the tail rotor failed and the A/C began to rotate.


There nothing but a portion of the rear tail section left.


He survived the crash. He was able to tell what happened. However its unknown at this time what his condition is but it was critical!


He was medivaced out to the Vancouver burn truma centre last night.


This is an X-TurboWest machine, the same 500 that crashed at Bob-Quinn airstrip last summer when the compressor failed. Aparrantly this A/C had just come out of a major rebuild after that accident and that it was its 2nd flight since.


I think that the guys who worked on it last are not sleeping too well right now.


I wonder if this has something to do with a lack of experienced people left in the industry?

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Best wishes and hopes for Phil's thorough and speedy recovery! Blizzard, if you have the opportunity to pass that on to Phil and/or his loved ones, please do. I expect he and those that care might be helped knowing there are a few thousand fellow aviators out there with him in our thoughts.


THIS is where there is room and hope for a MIRACLE! (regards my "no miracle" rant over in Fixed Wing Operations, A/c On Fire At Toronto Airport...)

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Not a pleasant thing to wake up to in the morning. I have just registered to post here. Phil is a good friend and former colleague so as I'm sure you can appreciate I'm keen to find out any info I can regarding his condition. If anybody can email me with anything helpfull especially the contact details of the hospital he is in I would be very thankfull.


Blizzard- Phil has well over 6000 hours in helicopters so I wouldn't be inclined to think that a lack of experience is a factor here.

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