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Chopper Crash Terrace, Bc

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You might want to check your "very reliable source" before you go destroying a mans reputation. 1) The machine had just come out of overhaul. 2) The tail rotor gear box had been flushed 3 times in the days prior because of oil gumming up in the gearbox. 3) From the company itself " Looks like a bearing failed." No room for hear say when it comes to a mans livelyhood. Especially a man still in a coma.

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Hey FF,


I don't see where making a mistake will "destroy a man's reputation". The goal is to get to the root cause of the accident in the hopes of the same thing not happening again. I think a lot has been said to tarnish the 500's rep in this thread before as well, and not all of it deserved...


From the description of the landing site, there was a lot of vegetation around. Could've been a branch that was blown into the TR for all we know. Witnesses on scene didn't see the tail go into any trees or anything.


As for "pilot error", more than 80% of accidents are deemed to be attributable to pilot error. If it's the case here, I don't see that as being such a big deal. To err is human...


As long as the final TSB report comes out, anything said is nothing more than gossip and anyone with any common sense will treat it as such. What I personally retain most is that this driver moved away from the pad to avoid his pax, knowing full well he was dramatically lowering his odds of survival. I think that speaks volumes as to the quality of the driver and man...

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I'm on a personal vendetta to strike the word "speculation" from every dictionary I find. So from now on there will be no more pre thinking on the outcome of anything. Everything from the price of oil, to the due date of your first born will be off limits. Don't even think of speculating on fire seasons or your pay raise, that's all bad karma.

As for waiting for TSB to release the report, think how many newbies will be asss deep into the same situation, or how many guys will be retired before the report actually is released. You just sit there in your rocker and lets the roots grow through your boots, the rest of us will be pro-active and seek solutions in the interm.

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"You just sit there in your rocker and lets the roots grow through your boots, the rest of us will be pro-active and seek solutions in the interm."


How exactly do you plan on being "pro-active and seek solutions" with heresay, rumors and second hand information?


Why don't all of you show the pilot, the maintenance crew and the operator some respect and keep your stupid comments to yourselves until a formal FACT FINDING investigation has been concluded, however long that may take. Ain't a frickin thing you can do to be "pro-active" based on this accident until you know ALL the facts, except of course do your job like you're supposed to in the first place and hope that luck is on your side next time #### happens! :angry: :angry:

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