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Aussies Flying In Canada...a How To Guide

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So there has been the odd posting here and there on this forum concerning Aussies/Kiwis now living/working in Canada.


From what I can gather with my limited experience it seems as though if you are shooting for longline/utility/mountain work Canada is where its at. So with that in mind I am very keen to live and work there in the next couple of years.


Who of you out there on this forum are originally from Australia and how did you end up working in Canada?


What is the simplest way to convert the Aussie CPL(H) to a Canadian CPL(H) and are there other requirements eg night VFR?


How many hours did you have when you arrived in Canada (type etc)?


I realise the industry changes but will the demand for 1500hr+ pilots continue into the next few years?


Cheers :)

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Tell me something. Do you have one of those Parker Pen Log Books with convineient 1,500 hrs but you really have 3 times that amount but you couldn't log them because your boss told you so?


I have no problems with Aussies or Kiwis coming here to Canada to learn from the best, but it should be a fair exchane between the 3. Give our young pilots some time in the out back chassing cows and kangaroos and we will do the same here. 1,500 hrs for 1,500 hrs.


Its sad to say that some of these chopper want a bes don't talk to the guys who have been around for a while to see what this industry ia all about. To spend 50,000.00 or so just to be told that he needs 1500hrs. Its harder now to get a job than in the past when they were acking for 1000 hrs. The old catch 22.

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Prior to NAFTA, Canadians were complaining about those GD Americans coming up here and taking our jobs.


Now it's those GD Aussie's and Kiwi's, I wonder who is hiring them? It would'nt be the operators by any chance, would it???


For your added info there are probably more Canadians abroad, flying, than there is in Canada.


So, get with it, live and let live.



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Yes I am one of those GD Aussies and yes I want to work in Canada some time in the future because to me it appears that is where a lot of interesting utility/lifting work goes on. The two major reasons I started into this industry where...


1. To work around the world




2. To do some interesting/precision flying work. Sure a helicopter can be used as a tourism novelty to fly sightseers in circles but to me the idea of using it as an incredible tool in industry (logging/seismic etc) is far more challenging.


Blizzard its refreshing to hear a Canadian native who is not fearful of pilots fom other countries looking for work in there back yard. Like many other niche industries the heli industry is becoming more and more global.

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There must be a number of low time Canadian pilots who are upset that foreigners are able to fly in Canada and take jobs that belong to them. It seems that it is becoming less and less a priviledge to be a Canadian these days.


Low time Canadian pilots are faced with the following realities. They have spent a great deal of money to acquire a licensed that ill-prepares them to fly. They find that they must spend additional money to get longline time or mountain experience or to buy endorsements. It is unfortunate that TC does not require more training in these areas as part of the licensing requirement. As this will result in the increased cost of a license, the government should subsidize the cost or at least provide students with low or no interest loans for training.

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There must be a number of low time Canadian pilots who are upset that foreigners are able to fly in Canada and take jobs that belong to them.






What the #### do you mean "Taking there jobs...???!!!!


What makes you think they "belong to them"....???


its all aviation mate if they could do the job they would have it!! the same goes in OZ as well, I never heard any Aussies complaining when Canadians where flying our 212's for the last few years on fires...!! Let it go Loser that goes for all of you that are pissed off with Aussies coming over! At least were not on welfare or government money!! start a thread on all foreigners that come to the country and dont #### work!!!! at least we as professional pilots bring something to this country!!!!!

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