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Aussies Flying In Canada...a How To Guide

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Now Now Kids, lets play nice. I too enjoy a little banter but we can leave the racial stuff in the sandbox.


I would like to bring a few things to everyones attention here. While the select few go on about how Aussies and Kiwi's are stealing the jobs of Canadians I would like to draw your attention to the multitude of Canadian Companies and Canadian Pilots/Enineers that are working abroad right now. Abitibi, Mustang / Crew Concepts, Alpine, VIH, Wildcat, Tasman, Canadian Aircrane and these are just to name a few. All of these companies have had or will have people working overseas in the next 12 months. So dont get on your high horse about foriegners coming and stealing your jobs. How about we ask all the 100 hour pilots in all those other countries if they are happy with you being there. Probably not. As far as I am concerned I have nothing but respect for my Canadian co workers. The only thing I ask is you show a little respect in return. This thread be-littles us all and I think it has no merit at all. It is a global community in aviation and the sooner you realise that the better off we will all be. Nuff said.

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For the record boys and girls, I am Canadian, so lets get over this foriegn pilot topic. As we all seem to have to much time on our hands, as we all like to waste it bull###### on a computer. Once again who cares and remember "talent shines through" so if you have any, no one should be worried about getting employment.

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Moderator, how do you justify not erasing post #13.


For the added info of the redneck that posted it, you are not as up to date as you think you are.


There have been and will continue to be other races, other than people of your origin flying helicopetrs.


I hope your mother comes out from under the "porch" and bites you.

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If you have what it takes to work in what ever country you choose with what ever hours, longline expierence you have go for it, Alot of people are in this industry and specialize in many different areas and enjoy the challenges in it, if it means taking you to another country ,do it.

It isnt the pilot or engineers fault for getting the job. Talk to your goverment if you have a problem with it dont be pissed at them personally.

As for the low timers, I'm sure it pisses them off. But they can do the same.

I have friends that got there licence in Canada and are Canadian and are now flying in Australia and Switzerland they were low timers and have some aussie friends here flying in Canada and are all great pilots and people.

Just be professional about the subject, respect others the way you want to be respected.

As far as I know the lowtimers finding jobs in Canada are still getting jobs.

I just got 2 lowtimers a job, the jobs are out there.

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