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First Year Ame Wage


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Our first year licensed engineers are at $48900/year

second year $53700/year

third year $60200/year


The scale tops at $81000/year for 7 years licensed and up.



Overtime, seniority pay, living allowance and bush pay are all in addition to those totals.

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There's an extra $500/month on top of that if you live in High Level. It's not so bad once you're here. The place is expected to double in size by the year 2010 so it's definately a great place to be for business oppertunites!


Besides, if all a guy is interested in is a pay check than we wouldn't hire him anyways! We have a lot more to offer than just a salary and we're not interested in mercernaries. Just ask all our employees who are in the process of buying their first helicopter if High Level is such a bad place to be!

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I'm the groundschool instructor at the school where I did my ab initio training. As far as flying goes, I get the odd bone every now and again. I got to do the Santa deliveries to all the shopping centers around Montreal this year and I get to do ferry flights every now and again (drove an Astar to Chicoutimi Friday).


Things are starting to look up... :up:

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