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BCEHS Air Ambulance contract renewal

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Some companies cut corners (and engineered pieces of equipment), pursue predatory business practices that includes negative, false reports to regulatory agencies hoping to cause disruption of existing service, and some even limit their disclosure (or overtly neglect to report) safety and/or maintenance events that are part of their operations that should be part of the public domain.  Some companies are less likely to do those sorts of things and instead focus on objective, evidence driven program safety policies, work hard to retain long-term empowered staff who are supported by their employer to make good decisions rather than pander to a corporate bottom line,  and at the end of the day,  provide world-class EMS rotor wing services with an exceptional level of professionalism,  safety, and integrity.

Full disclosure - I am not suggesting that either Babcock or Ascent are anything but quality companies who may or may not have applied for this RFP. My concerns are voiced more generally and directed towards well known difficulties within the sector both in Canada but particularly in the US.

The second part of my description is what BCEHS needs from the successful proponent in this RFP. The name of the company doesn't matter......but the devil is always in the details. I don't care who gets the contract as long as the successful proponent can provide the highest quality of service,  maintain a high level of professionalism, and is backed by sound corporate integrity that chooses program safety and performance over profit.

A Canadian owned and operated entity would be a massive bonus as well.  A truly BC based provider would be even better. 

One last quick edit. I hope that whoever wins this does so with a bid that includes the right aircraft for the job. The majority of the work is interfacility critical care transport,  not scene response work. The right aircraft choice will balance speed, endurance,  medical cabin space, adequate equipment storage,  along with the ability to accommodate the Stryker Powerload Stretcher System.  AND be able to safely provide scene response capability.....without compromising those other key performance criteria. 

The right aircraft has to be a multi-call, true multi-mission capable platform that isn't typically required in other jurisdictions.  BC's air ambulance needs are different and quite unique as compared to almost anywhere else in the world i believe.

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First thing Babcock did when it entered a European country ambulance service was to cut pilots salaries by 30%. They didn’t touch engineers as they were already low.
Hope is not the case here if this is true that they are entering BC.



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8 hours ago, CCP said:

. I hope that whoever wins this does so with a bid that includes the right aircraft for the job

This is Canada! We like dosed out 70's machines with the bare minimum in everything. Maybe the 204 will make a huge comeback.


2 hours ago, atari said:

First thing Babcock did when it entered a European country ambulance service was to cut pilots salaries by 30%.

To live in Vancouver? They better be unmanned drone 204's

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Babcock  won a fixed wing contract in Norway, and it went for rebid when all the pilots refused the new paystructure that was WAAAY below what the incumbent paid, and the government balked when Babcock was going to use low time inexperienced pilots on some pretty sketchy airfields.

But that's Norway.


Babcock took over the Manitoba tankers, don't know how well that went.

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