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Heart Break Hotel

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I travel more than I like and I know that feeling. <_< When local touristy stuff (museums, galleries, etc.) or a movie theatre are out of the question, I've been known to quiz and rate the local barkeep on his signature concoctions. Ha!


But to feel productive, I read, write, catch up on personal correspondence, do crossword puzzles, pay bills electronically or play solitaire (cards). Have gotten pretty good at kicking my own butt! :D


Got any portable hobbies? If I did what you do, I'd definitely keep a photo journal. All you need is a Polaroid camera, a blank journal and a pen...just to document the sights, sounds, smells, activities and thoughts of the day. It's like your story in progress. Could be pretty precious to someone one day!


Just my 2¢, Gypsy.


P.S. Make the photo journal a game. You only get one photo, one shot to sum up the entire day. It's a challenge and you'll find yourself looking for that perfect shot!

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Thanks for the tips guys!!


I really like the photo journal thing. Especially the part about making it a game. I find it hard to get inspiration sometimes just due to the monotany of the daily grind. I think it will be interesting in a year to look back let alone in 5 or 10 years. Awesome idea!!

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They still make Polaroids, ya dork (I meant Skidoo, not you, F8)! I like 'em because they're instant, tangible and I can tuck 'em right in my journal! I would expect that from a techno-geek and just so you know, I shoot digital, too. :shock: Freaky-Eye Man has a good point though, I'll give him that. B)

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Alright skidz...don't want to sound like a out of touch loser but how do you set up a web page?? Where do you even start?



Although, call me old fashioned but the journal thing is something people can look at for years and years. The only thing you have to worry about is not losing it or having a house fire!! I recently bought a 35mm SLR and everyone was shocked that I didn't go digital. There is just something magical about film.


But I still like the idea of the web page to share with everyone at once. Tell me more, tell me more!!

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