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AW139 IFR NVG HEMS Salary?!?

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22 minutes ago, RaukDemus said:

$70,000 to fly an AW139 IFR/NVG for emergency medical services? Is it just me or is that insanely low? That sounds like the salary for flying winery tours in a Jetranger. Am I missing something?



That’s first officer salary and pretty par for course.  Captain salary varies greatly with tenure.

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Oh ok, There must be a massive bump when you upgrade to captain. I have heard guys saying they are making 130-140, I didn't think that making captain would basically double your salary. Or are you only making that after like 10 years as captain?

I have seen a couple ads for AW139 overseas with salaries up in the 180-190's. Its crazy how different the pay can be for essentially the same job. This job down in Australia is paying 184,000.


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