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If you could leave the Aviation industry what would you miss?

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The camaraderie of fellow aircrew. The sound of a Bell Medium on a cold winter day Heli-skiing. The gentle kiss of the landing gear on a steel deck when the A/C settles without any collectiv

Is this what you do? You make a mistake and redirect rather than admitting you were wrong? I believe it’s spelled “I’m sorry for my inappropriate behaviour “.  you can just copy and paste that if yo

I'd miss the flying and the good people that aren't so full of themselves. Other than that I can honestly say that I could leave this quite easily. More Cons than pros to be fair.

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1 hour ago, Pool pilot said:

I miss the precession work of a long line.

Learn to spell. 

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4 hours ago, R0T0R said:

The sheer professionalism when hiding behind a display name. 

Not appropriate. At. All.

and for that reason, I have deleted the offending posts.... behave, people.. 😡

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