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What Helmet Are You Using / Recommend?

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If I may respectfully disagree with Iceman, when it comes to life safety equipment I wouldn't shop eBay - but that's me :blink: Some of the Gentex models have been upgraded by the military for a reason:


"increased mass of this helmet system is believed to have a detrimental effect on pilot performance due to neck muscle strain and fatigue and to increase the risk of severe neck injury in crashes"


For a helmet I would only buy new, latest model, with emphasis on SAFETY, light weight, and long duration wearability. I chose Alpha. YMMV B)




Alpha Helmets


Gentex Helmet Systems


Flight Suits - Gentex dealer

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Was looking at the Alpha website and am not sure of the impact standards? Are they as High as Gentex?...

from Alpha:



Impact Protection – below 300G deceleration for 122 Joule (90 ft/lb.) input energy

Penetration Protection – designed to stop a 3.96lbs striker dropped from 4.875ft.


from Gentex:



Peak Gs - Velocity* - Anvil - Environmental Condition

300 - 17.5 ft/s - Flat - Cold

400 - 17.5 ft/s - Hemispherical - Hot

*+0.3/–0.0 ft/s


Are we comparing apples and bananas? :unsure: I dunno - you might have to look at the respective standards each helmet is certified against? Convert the units and decifer? Or, pit each manufactures claims against the other's and have them explain why "ours is better"? :huh:


The shell having no Kevlar would make a significant difference on saftey would it not?

again from Alpha:



Aramid/Carbon fiber shell construction incorporating an integral polyurethane impact liner.


Kevlar is an aramid fiber.


Ultimately? which (safe) helmet feels best on YOUR head, and are you likely to want to WEAR all day? icon_smile_racehelmet.gif

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