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cccg fleet reduction

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Yes, they do much more than fly Santa around, like maintaining the navigation and communications infrastructure for all marine traffic.


I know how much it costs to run these 105s, 212s and the 61. More on that below, but I doubt that the private sector could do much better. A few years back, some very influential people did try to privatize the CG helicopter operations. We had a businessman who was best buddies with the Fisheries and Transportation ministers, and who used to go on fishing trips with the Prime Minister. They tried everything in the book to privatize, but even with their horsepower they failed.


The Coast Guard could be much more efficient if our idiotic federal government would cut them some slack and allow selective fleet replacement and more flexible options like leasing, instead of handcuffing them into buying an entire fleet of ''whatevers'' because some company is the lowest bidder.


Don''t forget, they''d carry the same "lowest price wins" logic into a bid to privatize, and "guess who" would bid with a fleet of 30-year-old Jet Ranger IIs on pop-outs and paint red stripes on a half-dozen UN 212s and ruin it forever. Just like they''ve done with every police contract they''ve had.


Yes, it could be improved, but I don''t think privatization is the answer. Remember Air Canada? There are some very intelligent and dedicated folks at the helm of CCG Helicopter Operations now. Let them do their jobs, and watch them go.

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Well said boys. No need to add my 2 cents

really but the statement, and I quote "Yes they should downsize.Talk about a waste of taxpayers money.61s and 105s flying all over the country to deliver newspapers and bales of hay to feed lightkeepers pet horses."..... I thought there was only one 61 and that it flys a narrow corridor from Rupert the Hardy delivering groceries and mail to those light keepers a couple of times a month and the rest of the time moving work crews and equipment and the occasional heavy lift to maintain coastal nav aids and safety systems with the occasional SAR for good measure. And yes I think it does an occasional good deed (like flying Santa) while on an already schedualed run to brighten up the Christmas season for the young children that live full time at some of the lights. My goodness we can''t spend a few exta cents a year that it costs to carry a two hundred pound Santa and a few gifts for the little tykes.




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Yes, even from up here in the hills, you could smell the stench of burying the Coast Guard in the Fisheries Dept. What one really wonders is how they''re still alive.


And what about the whole ridiculousness of perpetuating S&R on our coasts in the forces. The Coast Guard would have been more than capable of assuming the complete mandate on our coasts, and the forces of looking after the onshore role. But the petty territorial jealousies so common in the forces wouldn''t be likely to let any capital-rich role go if they could withhold it. Just like we need submarines, for God''s sake!


I''ll say it again - we shouldn''t be standing around here talking - we should be marching on Ottawa! Up the rebels!

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