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Flight Suits?

Guest JeffyG

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Many years ago in my Cdn Coast Guard days, one of our instructors faithfully wore the issue Nomex flight suits. One very hot day in July during a training flight in YOW, he took it off & flew in his civies. There was an incident during an autorotatation, resulting in a fire , in which he was severely burned, & later succumbed to his injuries. Sad situation, as this was the only time anyone saw him flying without his Nomex suit. Wore mine all the time in flight, even tho I was the AME crewmember during the flight. Just my .02 worth

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Company policy for Erickson and Canadian if you want to be in a crane. I believe the U.S. Forest Service makes it a requirement for flight crews, along with Nomex gloves and proper leather boots. Nothing wrong with a bit of a professional image....is there? ;)

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When I was a kid, I wore a flight suit. When I grew up and needed one, I wore one.


Now that I don't need one, I am so glad to be out of them! I had to wear them for soooo long. Talk about over-heat sydrome!


I think the people who have to wear them know what I am talking about.





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