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Pay Rate for AME with AS350B2, AS350B3, BH407 and BH206

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On 6/18/2022 at 10:26 AM, LandOfGrapes said:

Hey, just curious what the going rate is for an AME M1 with their AStar, 407 and 206 is. Feeling a little annoyed with companies saying they are "competitive" with pricing, then asking what you currently make so they can low ball.

Depends how long licensed, full time, contract, away from base or in hangar.  Contract field rate for an experienced guy 550-600/ day plus flight pay and per diem is fair.   Flight pay is all jacked up all over the country right now.  35 for 206 and 45-50 for 407/350 is fair.  Some operators average flight pay while others guarantee mins plus and some just go by the flight ticket numbers straight up.    Hope this helps.

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On 9/4/2022 at 12:12 AM, atari said:

Winter season’s around the corner… what’s the going day rate or what’s a competitive number for hangar work in the winter doing major inspections?

$75/hr is fair if you have lots of 144m inspection experience and structures / paint ability

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