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False promises you got as a carrot.

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My very first carrot was we will fly you lots if you come to this school.

As the fellow was saying this to me a student walked up and said hey I have been here for 6 weeks and have only flown 5 hours and I am so far from home I want to get this done.

I shook the instructors hand and went to a different school. 

I did not realize at the time most carrots never come to be true.

But on the other side I have seen that a good operators don't offer a carrot..... they call you into the office and say we are going to do this for you.


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One thing I learned the hard way...don't stay with one outfit for two long or you will become a piece of furniture...saw way two many new guys walk thru the door and right into a medium endorsement...and the next season you never saw them again!

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Interesting topic... Had to think about it as the grey matter seems to have forgotten more than it remembers. The issue with endorsements is true, and so silly. I worked at one company (same as Pool) and I got to the point where I wanted to move up to mediums and the company said no...not yet. I called another company and they said come on over and gave me the endorsement. First flight out had me land on the ramp in front of the old company. I still remember the Operations Manager come over and try to dis that company to which I replied: "Ya...but they gave me the endorsement". Been flying mediums ever since. As far as schedules? True...they can be a mess sometimes and this is the perfect industry for that BUT, depends on your contract. Case in point, this season, my contract laid out the exact days that I would work. I am pretty firm because I plan my summers. Got a call.... can you extend 5 days? Do I want to? No. Will I? Yes.  Why? It's a good company that does give me what I ask for. Sometimes $#@t happens beyond their control and so you help out. I guess I am saying, it is not so much the carrot and whether you get it or not... It's what you learn along the way and the crew member you become. Do it right and you will never look for work again. It will find you! I try to hide in Mexico but come February the Bendeco's all seem to find me! 🤣  


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"Don't worry, you'll get extra time off in the winter when it's slow"

In regards to me (new/naive kid) asking about my vacation days/accumulated OT.

"Ok, so when can I book my vacation/banked OT/extra time off?"

"Uuuhh, well...that depends on how busy we'll be cause we may need you to cover......"

They started paying/limiting OT and giving vacation days normally when they found out a bunch of us started talking to Labour Canada and lawyers about company employment policies the next year.

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