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In the not to distant future CHC and CHL will have nothing to do with each other, the cod father is selling his remaing % to the CHL group. CHL will be on there own with there new logo and paint RED and White O CANADA.  CHC will then continue to be the major player in the world of international heliopter service. As far as CHL well it look's like they will be flying themself's out of another deficit. good on ya mate's



So far we've received new stationary :up: :up: :up:


The ball will really get rolling when CHL officially goes public......New Hats!! wweeee

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A logo does not make the quality of the company, it is the quality of the company that make the logo. With the sability of the EMS divisionand the good years ahead in the VFR market, CHL will be just fine.


Only the future will tell us the truth.



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Wait a minute.....I work for the BORG!


This is totaly unfare dudes! We were here first and have first dibs! I was just going with the moment! Come on! You must be assimilated............


Really.....All Helicopter Companies end with 3 letters.......


Can you guess them?





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