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It's a good thing we have people telling us what to think, especially government news outlets.  I am comforted that this forum also keeps us from discussing anything that does not conform with the government narrative.  As for Longline and is radical ideas, maybe we can get the moderators to seize his bank accounts to help him understand that thinking ideas outside of what is officially sanctioned will not be tolerated.

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A potential solution?

Any chance the site administrators might be able to start a new section similar to "General Helicopter Ops", "Maintenance Ops ", or "Employment", etc. Maybe call it "Vaccine Discussion" or something similar?

I am personally exhausted from both talking about covid/vaccines verbally or online in forums, as well as hearing about it on the mainstream news or wherever we each get our polarized news.

Possibly a seperate but equal section on this forum may allow for those who care to discuss the subject further and present their arguments and data to one another freely without the tyrannical hand of big brother swooping in and moderating them is just what we need? This topic keeps popping up, and the thread being closed off.

On top of allowing for a section dedicated to the topic where those interested can have a voice, this may also allow for folks such as myself and others who have moved on to continue to live in our bubble of ignorance and only wish to see topics related to our industry, without the covid/vaccine topic rearing it's divisive head. Like it was in 2019 and prior.

Just a thought? Maybe it's worth consideration, maybe not? Is it a crazy idea? 

Pre-emptive to any feedback to this post, I would like to state that I respect every members opinions and eagerness to engage in conversation. That being said I personally have no interest in the topic of covid or vaccines anymore and would love a permanent solution to the ongoing issue.

Also, if I made any spelling or gramatic errors please accept my apologies. It seems from past forum posts I have been reading, some people have decided to take issue with spelling of all things. Kind of funny when you think about it as society continues to move toward communicating more and more in emojis instead of using words.... Also, I have chubby thumbs and I'm typing on a tiny keyboard on my phone. Mistakes are bound to occur!



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