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To all you who have alot of hours on the line, here is aquestion for you.

If I have 2 lines 100ft each and want to put them together to make up 200ft of line, where the 2 lines meet does it help out to put a object such as a shovel handle to

take that extra pivot point out of the line? Not just for a 200ft line but also for attaching a 50foot line to 100ft line also. Basically would it help take that extra swing out of the line? This is of course a cable line.

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We use 130 ft lines for most of our stuff but occasionally need to put on a 50 ft extension.I usually take 2 pieces of lathe 3 ft long and duck tape them on either side at the connection.

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Firehawk once you have a load on the line it will fly fine with two lines connected,I just use a shackel to connect two or more lines together.The line will fly better empty if the shorter line is at the top closer to the belly and the longer line at the bottem so there is more weight on the point of connection.

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:) F.H. .......the "joint" :lol: will not cause you that much of a problem once the weight of the line is suspended under the aircraft. That was a good tip pointed out by nakhigh on putting the shorter line at the top. To many pilots tend to focus to much on the line and not on the a/c, which can cause over-controlling. Good line flying starts with good airmanship. Keep focused on the basics, smooth power application/ reduction along with light feet on the pedals for precise heading and track to your target(s), and watching your closure rate will make you look like a veteran in no time. Precision with finese = speed and production. Have fun.... ;)
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From my experience, it isn't so much the flexible joint between the two lines that causes the extra whipping, it's the weight.


I have experimented with this quite a bit in the past, and found that if you have to connect two lines and you want to minimize the extra whipping, use the smallest lightest shackle that will fit.


I have tried the method with lathe and duct tape and found it doesn't make much difference. It probably just adds more weight and aggravates the problem.


If the whipping is being caused by the joint in the lines, you will notice it alot when you are bringing in an empty hook. You get a pendulum effect going on between the joint and the hook or carousel.


Anyway, just my opinion.


P.s. What Helilog56 said about staying light on the pedals is soooo true, if you focus too much on the load, and tighten up, as you slow down to your spot and apply power the machine will turn from the normal yaw, and you won't really notice because of your load focus. This can be a big cause of hook wobbles for new long line pilots.

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I have 3 50' at the moment, it is not too bad. What I do , sometimes if I am bothered is take a 2-3' stick and tape it to the line where the shackels are to give it a bit more rigidity. One thing I learned is if you have a 50 and a 100 is to put the shorter section on the top closest to the belly hook and it doesnt swing as much.


So Firehawk you guys still in Montucky> We got up form colorado and are sitting in Spotted Bear on a fire use in the Bob Marshall wilderness... rough assignment, buts looks like heading home this weekend. Didnt get mch mositure out of this system


helicopper> How high are you , whats the enviorment? could be an astar, 407, 205 or a skycrane hard to say!


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