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recently questioned re viability of helos re following...


scenario is a select harvest of maples averaging 1800-2000 lbs each... they're cut into lengths averaging 600-700 lbs... figuring on 2 lengths per lift (1200-1300 lbs)...


company currently spending better than 300k annually for skidder road construction for access to these select sites alone...


i'm just a dumb irishman living on overdraft protection monthly... but it seems to me there could be a market for even single engine heli-logging in this type of select forestry work????


thanks for any/all input...


(w/apologies, firehawk, for temporary hijack of your thread)

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:) Helicopper.......A lot depends on "how" the lifts are to be done. Are you going to deadlift up out of the trees, or have deflection of of a hill? An up-hill fly, or a combination of both? Are density altitudes going to play a factor? Are the fallers experienced enough to lay wood out properly and not cause a lot of "rip and tear" flying? A Lama would be a good choice as it does dead lift quite well. I have also logged with a left seat B-2, which did an outstanding job on an up-hill fly. Anyways, my advice would be hire an experienced heli-logging consultant which would be able to look at the economics and viability to put together a safe and productive plan.... ;)
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helilog56... would be a vertical dead lift out of surrounding trees with uphill flying thrown into the mix w/density altitude not being a factor...


i like your consultant idea (which is why i started here... cuz this boy don't know zhit from shinola 'bout this longline of work)... if the distances can be minimized, it SOUNDS like potential for some serious winter flying... i gather this SELECT forestry method is growing given its advantages in terms of environmental impact alone...


thanks to all for your input...

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i gather this SELECT forestry method is growing given its advantages in terms of environmental impact alone...


It should be but economics keeps it from growing very much. Why screw around trying to weasle a log out of the trees at a pace that can be 30% slower when you can cut it all down and fly fast. It is still all about money. If the government drops the stumpage to where it is worthwhile there will be lots of select.

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First of all thanks everyone some good pointers. Just one of those things you wander about.

JFK- We had to move out of Montana to wet, I left the crew they were in Idaho,

we have been doing some good flying. It is jumper country where we were, they dont like rappellers that much. But the jumpers sure like getting the helicopter to sling all their gear out for them so they dont have to carry it out.


Vertical ref- I found some big old trees, I really didnt like looking out the window and looking at a squirrel in a tree top looking back at me. So had to go for a longer line. Now that is some good fun with 200 feet of line on, I had a blast with it.

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