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Okanagan Helicopter Group


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Hi everybody


My first post...

I need to find out someone with a collection of the "Okanagan Reporter" a small monthly "newsletter" from the Okanagan group.


The dates are 1976 / 1979 and I just need someone to find me some "news" there for something that I am writing and send me a 10 lines worth of text by email.


I know it is a long shot, but I need this and it is an urgent matter.



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You may want to try contacting CHCGlobal in Vancouver.

They may be able to give you a lead to someone who has copies.

Perhaps someone at CHL in Edmonton or Vancouver may also be able to help.

God Bless Orange!


Thank you very much for the info. After the aquisition of OHG I think all that might have ended up in the garbage, but may be, as you say, they know someone that might have kept the newslaters.


Do you have any email address for those ?


I will try to find them on the net, but if you have them handy, I would appreciate.



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Someone like Al Eutis, might have some memories, I believe he lives in Richmond. Seems he was there forever!


I already sent an email to the public relations department of CHC but I think they migh have too much to think about to go for things that are almost 30 years old.


Do you have email of Al Eutis ?

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Congratulations LDF, that may be the first time in history both words ... "Public relations" and "CHC" ...  have been used in the same sentence,

You have just WON A CODFISH !   :up:  :up:


Well you know, I was with them for 5 years between 1975 / 1980 and I went along pretty well with them. They just made one single thing that I did not like, but in five years, it was not a bad record.


About CHC I know nothing about. So probably its my ignorance...


I just want to say that I love Cod-Fish, specially "dried" cod fish. Its so appreciated (and so expensive) that in my former country, that has no cod at all, that it is the Christmas meal. So at least once a year even the poor have some. Of course those that can afford it eat it regularly. Most of it come from Norway and Nova Scotia that as some factories almost exclusively working for them..


BTW where can I claim my prize ? :D:D:D

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