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Al Eustis has retired. I looked thru all of the the Okanagan stuff that I still have but unfortunately the news letters only go back as far as 1980. Good luck with your search.



Thanks NG, You missed just by a few years. I started with OK in 75.


sorry LDF, my last comment was directed at NG Limited, as he was about 5 years old or so  in 1980.   


What is it that you are researching? PM me if you care to share the topic, I may recall some of the items.  I started with OK in Aug 77.


Sorry my mistake.


Well I am writing something for the Federal Court of Canada for reasons that have nothing to do with aviation.

However due to the nature of the subject, I need to prove that I am a reliable, correct, sensible, and hardworking person, sound of mind and spirit and not as somebody else has claimed I am.


It happens that, on a flight from Cartwright to St, Mary’s Harbour I went down with a flame out with B206 CF-DYK and spent 3 nights in the bush with two passengers from Bell Canada with minus 35 centigrade. (those auto-relight systems never work when needed and I had HF but was INOP)


Weather closed in and I could not get out. Finally repaired the thing and as soon as the weather permitted I took off to Port Hope Simpson and via a local radio operator, reported in, everybody safe and machine intact. The next day I was flying again on other missions.

This happened around 76 / 77 / 78 I simply can’t recall.


I was then “on loan” to Universal and OK chief pilot of the time went there to talk to me and see how I had handled the situation, the clothes I was using at the time and so on, and made a report. I also filled my report to “my” Base Manager Reginald Rivard in Montreal


Later, the story with congratulations from OK about how I handled the situation showed up in the Newsletter and started like this:


LdF had an Ernest G. Khan type of experience.

While on a flight from Cartwright to St. Mary’s Harbour a flame out … and details of the story followed with congratulations in the end.


If I recall well, the next story that follows is about the “Dragon Lady of the East”…


At this time to access this newsletter was essential for me, to quote the opinion of the biggest Canadian helicopter company of the time had about me.

All I need is the full text with about 10 lines and obtain a photocopy if possible to add to my "Application Record"


It would be priceless



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What are you doing with 1980 OK stuff?  Did they give it to you at the Daycare  :D 


Let's see, It was Brad Wilson who ran the Base then, or was Mark Savage still there?



Brad Wilson I remember being in Mica at the time (1979). He gave me first ever helicopter ride in JNU (214B) and I was hooked. I was 10 yrs old in '79 so not too far out of day care. :D

Most everything related to aviation I have hung on to especially the OK stuff. I still even have a Quasar t-shirt. Although it doesn't fit anymore. :P


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No answer from Al Eustis, probably flying somewhere.


Nobody knows anyone else I could turn to ?    :(  :(  :(


Talked to Al about two months ago in C.A.C. office. He is running a safety management/consulting business....I'll try to get the name of it.

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Where was I bitter ?


Lets see, I mentioned that Al was retired,

I mentioned he hasn't flown in a while?

I wish that I had kept the old OK newsletters

I poked fun at NG Limited, as he was 5 (actually 10) in 1980

I made a joke about CHC public relations

I gave away a Codfish


Gee, I don't feel Bitter, althoug I do miss that Cod :shock:


Maybe you should relax Mt Whirlwind?

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